Flatbed Stepdeck


Our Super B trailers across Canada can help maximize your payload. This means fewer trips across greater distances in the shortest amount of time. When you have perfected the design of a flat deck, drop deck and Super B Deck trailer by working with customers, there is only one thing to do to make it even better:  keep working with customers.  This design simply keeps getting better and better.
A specific choice of higher valued, extreme tensile rated steel combined with the perfect mechanical engineering provides you with the high strength and light tare weight to maximize your payload and road life.  Available in many different lengths and weight ratings including a model for your steel coil haul, we also offer configurations for hard top and soft top curtain kits.


Flatbed trailers are used to carry loads that are wide, over length, oversized, overweight, or any combination of these load types with great flexibility.
Flatbeds are suitable for transporting heavy loads and equipment that are not sensitive or vulnerable to precipitation such as construction equipment. Sometimes, goods will be covered with a tarp to prevent weather from damaging the freight. The unloading process in easier in the flatbed trailers as it may be unloaded from the sides, from the top, or from behind.

It all depends on your shipping requirements. If you have construction equipment that is heavier, taller, longer, or wider, a heavy haul truck is ideal. But if you just have equipment that meets the routine permit limits, a flatbed truck should be enough for you.